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     Our anti-spamming policy
Marketing Pal is very serious about anti-spamming. We make every effort to stop spamming activity before it happens. We have implemented a number of measures to reduce and stop spamming practices in their path.
We are non anonymous service:
Marketing Pal is not an anonymous email service. All messages are sent with the registered users information in the headers. Our servers send emails on behalf of a real verified email address.
Verified sending address:
All emails distributed by Marketing Pals servers are sent with the alias of a real verified email address. This email address is collected when an individual or company registers to use our services. We also continue to verify these addresses throughout the life of the service.
Marketing Pal does not tolerate sending of unsolicited emails. We adopt a 'single strike' policy. Any individual or company found to be distributing unsolicited emails via Marketing Pal's servers will be blacklisted and will not be permitted to use or re-register to use our services again.
Opt outs:
Marketing Pal automatically affixes an opt out message to the bottom of each email that is distributed via our service. This process cannot be changed by individuals or companies using our services. Opt outs are processed live, all information is removed from the individuals or companies lists automatically, however they are not removed from email campaigns that are currently being sent or are queued to be distributed by our servers.

If you have any concerns about our anti- spamming policy, please contact us via our web form or at

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