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Email Marketing
     What is email marketing?

Email has unique advantages over other media. Speed, cost of delivery, personalized
one-to-one communication and immediate feedback on response levels are some of
the more obvious examples.

Many companies are now using this technology, but on a very basic level - only the large corporations have had access use these powerful tools and now you can!

MarketingPal is a unique web based email marketing suite. The suite allows businesses to
create, modify, send and track their marketing emails. The software is available via Internet browser and offers you tools that the professionals use.

The system has all the features of large enterprise software, except it is easy to use.
IT Managers, Business Owners, Marketing Managers, Football Managers, Coaches and the individual can now harness this power - Anyone can use our software with ease.

Give it a try today, we're sure you will be impressed with the results!

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